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Our next LXX years begin now

Dear Friend,
I’ve heard it said that the average, effective life of a church is 25-30 years. In September 2016, Fellowship Greenville will enter our 70th (LXX) year of ministry! Think of it—we stand on the shoulders of those who served faithfully and witnessed God’s great grace upon this church for almost seven decades. We believe God has an even greater plan for the good works He’s prepared for us in the future—a future that begins here and now.

In recent years, and especially in recent months, God has been bringing more and more children, teens, and adults through our doors—about 100 new guests each month! I can’t think of more exciting news than that. We have a growing opportunity to reintroduce a growing number of people to Jesus. With that opportunity comes the responsibility to care for and disciple them well as we also continue to care for our current families. We don’t believe that God is leading us to do ministry differently, but we do feel that He is calling us to do it more effectively so that we might impact even more people in the Upstate and beyond.

LXX: Our Response to Grace is about building a community to reach a community to impact our world. As you will see, this plan will require more from us than anything else we’ve done before—in resources, time, and energy. In our studies in the book of Acts, we’ve learned that the first community of believers was radically generous with their possessions as a result of the great grace God had poured out on them. Generosity was the quality of their community that demonstrated and proved the reality that the gospel does change lives.

I’m praying that you will join us on this journey of faith. I’m praying that you will be “wowed” by the great grace you have personally received and that you see in the changed lives of others in our church. I’m praying that in response to His grace, we will make much of God through our generosity so that this vision will turn into a reality. Will you pray to that end with me?

Grace and Peace,
Charlie Boyd
Directional Leader and Teaching Pastor



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Click on “Click to read” in each image below to open a flipbook version of the LXX Booklet, 30 Days of Prayer, and Generosity Changes.


The introduction video below provides tips for how to use the LXX booklet. This resource is designed to help you consider how you might invest in what God is calling us to do as a church family through the LXX vision.

LXX Guide from Fellowship Greenville.

1. Will there be any difference in the worship service between our current Worship Center and the new venue?
There will be no significant differences between the two venues. For instance, we will not be doing one contemporary service and one traditional service. We will attempt to reflect the heart and style of the worship music as closely as possible from one venue to the other. The message will be transmitted “live” from one venue to the other.

2. Will we have enough parking space?
With the number of spaces remaining after the new construction, we believe there will be enough parking on our campus. The additional time between services will mean less overlap of people arriving for the second service before the first service has had a chance to leave. This may help with traffic as well. If, in the future, additional parking is deemed necessary, there is space on our property.

3. If we continue to grow, will we build here again?
At this time, we are not planning on any future building on this property. We believe that with this additional space we can accommodate up to 4000 people in 3 service times. In the future, we hope to start other churches or open up other campuses of Fellowship Greenville, as God leads.

4. Will Vapor start meeting on Sunday mornings again?
Vapor will not begin meeting on Sunday mornings. This is part of our ministry philosophy. Students are walking away from their faith at an alarming rate, and while there is no silver bullet to fix it, there is much research that supports the idea that students who remain exclusively in age-based programming are less likely to stay with their faith when they graduate from high school than those students who are a part of the church as a whole. We have discovered that we need to place more value in connecting our students to the larger church body of Fellowship Greenville. While we want our students to experience community with their peers as they grow in their faith, we believe their connection to their family in the context of the larger faith community is vital to their long-term spiritual growth.

5. Will we need more staff and volunteers?
Though we may need additional staff for facilities maintenance, we do not anticipate needing other additional staff as a result of this new construction. While some ministries (such as the worship team, ushers, etc.) may need an increase in volunteers, others may see a decrease in volunteers from scaling back to two services.

6. After I make a pledge, when do I begin to give toward the project?
We will be using a construction loan to help us pay for the construction costs as they happen during the project. Any money that we receive early in the project will save us money we would pay in the form of interest. We know some will be making weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly donations to cover your pledges, but the more money we receive earlier, the less the project will ultimately cost us.

7. Where will my pledged funds go?
All donations will be placed in a separate “Building Fund” and only used to pay for the costs associated with the building expansion.